Parking is FREE in Olney, but there are restrictions on length of stay in some places.

In the Olney Market Place, the restriction is 3 hours of parking, and on the roads lining it is to two hours, with no return to the spot in the following hour.

There are long stay car parks. For Olney's Fountain Court you need to turn off East Street. Another one is to be found near the museum at the lower end of the Market Place, next to Punch Opticians.

Parking for disabled people is available at each car park and outside the Tesco Metro & McColls on Olney Market Place.

Visitors to the Olney Centre and Library and Cobbs Garden Surgery can use the car parks for each accessed off West Street.

Parking is free and unrestricted along Olney High Street.

For those using Stanley Court (where the Co-op is located) there is a two hour maximum stay. The entrance is from Weston Road.

Please note that market day on Thursday means car parking is more limited - not least because the Market Place is not available. The Market Place is also in use for Olney Pancake Race day, Dickens and for the Sunday market on the first Sunday of the month.





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