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The once secretive war time code breaking site now offers a unique day out. Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes is where some of the brightest and best codebreakers were based to decode the riddle of German radio messages. Their work was featured in the movie 'Enigma' starring Kate Winslet. 

The efforts of the codebreakers to crack the Enigma code helped significantly in the war effort but remained Top Secret for years. Now the work is celebrated at Bletchely Park where you can see one of the original Enigma machines, and one of the first computers.

There are plenty of stories of spies and deception on a grand scale. There's also wartime toys to working computers on show, a wartime mini cinema and a Churchill collection plus a playground.

Also this is the site of the Computing Museum - the UK's only hands on exhibition of computing hardware and software technology.

Bletchley Park has a cafe. 

The photograph shows Hut 8, one of the historic buildings at the National Codes Centre Museum near Milton Keynes, where Alan Turing worked, and now a special exhibitions area.
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