Clifton Reynes




This is a lovely place with a vibrant pub at the heart of things. Clifton Reynes is situated about one mile eastward from Olney as the crow flies.

The River Ouse is the boundary between the Parishes of Olney and Clifton Reynes. The latter's name comes from the hill and cliff on the eastern bank of the River, on which it stands. Reynes comes from a family who once lived in the Manor House perhaps even as far back as the reign of King Henry VIII.

For a perfect Sunday stroll, take the footpaths over the River Great Ouse and up to Clifton Reynes.

The stone houses and barns are a real taste of the countryside. The Robin Hood Pub is the ideal place for refreshment, and is a friendly place to visit.

Distance of 3 miles below is measured on the roads, as the village is only a mile on foot.








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