Emmaus Village, Carlton



The charity says: "At Emmaus, homeless people find a place where they can enjoy companionship and support. Each person has their own room whilst living in the Community. All Companions (residents) work full-time and there is work for everyone."

The Shops and Bistro provide a commercial setting where skills can be learnt in a friendly atmosphere.  

There are miles of footpaths across open countryside around the Emmaus site and route maps are available in the Bistro.

You can start and finish your walk at Emmaus, where there is ample parking.





Address and contact details:

Emmaus Village Carlton
School Lane
MK43 7LQ

Find on Google Maps
(01234) 720826


Opening hours:

Bistro, Shops, Clothing Boutique
Open 10am - 4.30pm Tuesday to Saturday