Pancake Party


Jane and Nicky and prizes

Jane and Nicky and prizes

The Band



The Carlton Club in Olney hosted the annual Pancake Party and Prize-giving.

The race winner, Jane Hughes received a wonderful bouquet plus an attractive gift from Aubergine Cookshop. She is pictured with second placed Nicky Sallis (right), holding her prizes. 

OlneyOnline asked Jane about her training this year, and she said her third win in a row was in large part down to her weekly sessions with the Olney Runners. As for a game-plan for the race, she said: "Good runners hold back and then make a move. I'm afraid I just went for it, flat-out." Asked whether it is easier after several runs, Jane explained that in her first race four years ago she found the atmosphere daunting: "You see a sea of faces, something you aren't used to. Then the following year it is more familiar so that you know what to expect."

Jane is forty five and was only just beaten in the U.s by a much younger athlete. She is now barred from racing in Olney (after three wins) next year. So would she consider going to the US next year? "It is something my partner has suggested so I suppose I would consider it. Or I may be allowed to run in a three-legged team next time here in Olney."

Nicky was delighted with her second placing and said she would train hard for next year. Her focus had been to raise hundreds of pounds for her charity, Whizzkids, a children's mobility charity.

The annual transatlantic phone-call to Liberal, USA for the result of the International Pancake race resulted in another win for the Americans. 2003 and 2004 champion Cheri Bevis ran the course in 63 seconds, beating Jane's time of 67 seconds. 

In the US, they follow the race with a parade. In the 'club' the Bolivian Sunshine Dogs performed.

It was a chance to relax for the hard-working event organisers, such as Tony Evans (picutred).

For coverage of the US race you can go to to see that paper's story and photos.