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Full Steam Ahead Laundry & Ironing

1) Frequency:

It is up to you whether you have a 'one-off' to catch up or set up a collection weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Just email or 'phone us to arrange for our collection service, which is free for Olney, Lavendon and villages like Emberton and Clifton Reynes within 5 miles of Olney.

2) Mending:

Repairs to clothes are usually ad hoc so what most of the Full Steam Ahead customers do is add the mending items to the laundry pile, with a note as to what is required. That way

you can keep on top of things!

3) Charges:

If you are unsure how long a pile of ironing is likely to take, don't be afraid to ask Wendy just to do the hours you require if you are concerned about costs.

4) Weight:

Full Steam Ahead believes in charging by the hour rather than by weight so that you are not penalised for putting heavy denims and other fabrics in your bag.

5) Green Issues

Recycling coat hangers is one aspect of protecting the environment, so is using laundry bags that can be used again rather than film wrappings.

 6) Laundry and Ironing - Can I have one without the other?

Yes, we can offer just ironing for Olney or the surrounding villages or just laundry.